Support Pages

These pages offer more general advice on some of the issues raised in the Guide to Print Entries using Lightroom and Photoshop

  1. The Rules – for everyone!
    1. Club Rules for Prints
    2. Club Rules for Projected Digital Images (PDIs)
  2. For Beginners mainly …
    1. Beginners Check List For Print Competitions
    2. Items Available to Members for Loan
    3. Printing With Your Own Printer
    4. Suppliers
  3. Print Discussion – for everyone 
    1. Texts to support the LBPC discussion evening, including original work by Damon Guy, CACC judge.
  4. Software – some basic stuff and some definitely advanced
    1. Colour Management – a general appraisal
    2. Colour Printing – ICC Profiles – Photoshop Manages Colours
    3. General Advice for Image Sizing in PS
    4. General Advice for Printing In LR
    5. Printing a Border with LR
    6. Lightroom Software
    7. Photoshop Software

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