7 Housekeeping

These are end of process issues;

LR Library Folders

Copy your submitted JPGS back into LR, keep them as separate images in a suitable named folder; LBPC.

I set up a list of competition entries with dates and subjects per season. This is so that over the coming months, I can find the entries easily and start to plan what I might submit to upcoming events.

LR Cataloguing & Indexing

All imported JPGS are degraded versions of the original LR image file used for your print. This is because the JPG file saving process always re-compresses your image file. I am assured, that this will even be true if your original image was in JPEG. For LR users, these files are only useful as a record of what you actually submitted. You will need to retain the original inLR if you want to get a quality print of the image again.

I use Keywords in LR Library to add the year and competition name as separate keywords. It is not possible to create duplicates of images LR. You can create virtual copies but they won’t help you! Keywords allow me to keep the original, edited image in its original library position. There are other aids available for tracking images including setting ratings and colour flags.


I use the LR option to save a separate copy on my images on import, so that I always have a copy of my original images as shot.

I use the LR semi-automated option for backing up LR. I run a separate routine using ChronoSync software from Econ Technologies to create duplicate data on different hard disk drives locally and on-line. I have used this method for some years. It is error free and provides a sophisticated but easy-to-use solution for me.

I keep my data for about 3 years after such I gradually reduce the number of copies down and delete the data I will never need.

I export (as JPGS) my family & other photos from my LR database into I-Mac Photos.

You can never have too many backups.

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