5 Mount the Print

You need;

  1. a printed image, of correct size for your mount board.
  2. a mount board, cut to size with an aperture if required.
  3. ancillary equipment for measuring, marking, cutting, sticking or taping, your print to the mount board.
  4. a clear clean and well lit space to carry out the next task.

In my worked example, I use a rear mounted A4 print on a 50×40 cm mount board It has a printed area 2mm greater than frame size in all four directions.

Mount Board

The mount board required for print mounting is widely available. Part of the fun of getting your print organised is to review the options and make your own choice. Boards are generally available in standard A sizes but in varying weights (ie, GSM); grams per square metre. The lighter weights can be cut with a craft knife,. The heavier ones require a Mat Cutter and lend themselves to bevel (45 degree) cutting, double mounting and so on.

There are no minimum card weights specified by the Club, but the mount must be able to support the printed image on a stand. As a guide, I would recommend that the ‘weight’ of the card (GSM) should be at least twice the weight of the print paper (GSM). I use a card which is probably 10 times the weight of my print. You can strengthen your mount by sticking one or more layers on the back of the mounted print, until it has sufficient stiffness to support the print.

The Club’s 50×40 cm maximum board size is a PAGB standard. The Club is affiliated to the PAGB. The size was formerly a 20×16 inches. The size fits widely available picture frames and these are available from the Leighton Buzzard Saturday Market stall (AC Frames), and other suppliers.

Print Mounting Considerations

Regarding Print Mounting, please consider the following;

  1. Card Size; I use a 50×40 cm single card mount in off white or cream to match my A4 paper. I have listed some suppliers of mounts (or mounting board) here. I reuse the mounts a few times too, until the careful handling by me and the club volunteers who transport them to and from the display screen eventually renders them unusable.
  2. Mounting on the Front; Mounting on the front of the card is easy. Choose a suitable coloured mount board, think about the contrast between the edge of your print and the mount colour. Cut the printed image to be borderless, or leave an even border around it. Use contact adhesive (Studio Gum), Spray adhesive (3M Spray Mount Adhesive), or double sided tape. Pay attention to getting the mounted print positioned accurately, ‘flat’, and weighted down while it dries if you are using adhesive. This is the perfect solution for beginners because it is easy!
  3. Cutting A Frame; If you are going to cut out your own mounts to frame your pictures, you need a ‘Mat Cutter’. The Club has one if you want to try one out. The committee will point you to some experts to show you how to use it.
  4. Mounting on the Back; There are many ways to mount prints on the back of your mount. This includes the use of false backs to your mount if you are mounting on the back of your mount board. In effect you put a second piece of board, the same size as the one holding your print, behind the print and stick it down with, for instance, double-sided tape. If you are going beyond club competitions –for example, or if your print is selected to represent the Club in CACC or PAGB competitions –you may need to consider this.

Mount Your Print

Having mounted it and inspected it against your original for colour and borders;

Title Your Print; You need add a title for the print on the rear of the mount to the Club’s format (See Rules). This needs to be reasonably large and clear for the print co-ordinator, who has to sort and display the prints on the night. Some members get really innovative with their titles to ‘set the mood’ for the judge.

I write my titles on masking tape stuck to the rear of my mount board (not the print) so that I can remove and replace the tape as I change my print next time round. If you write on your print, you risk the ink showing through or the pen puncturing the print or both. Some members will write on the mount board using a soft pencil. This is common when Prints are entered in to external competitions, as it eliminates the risk of the Title getting separated in transit or handling. Take care of your precious print!

TOP; You need to put your title at the top of your mask and mark the TOP of your print (on the rear) if there is any doubt as to which way up the print should be displayed! You are allowed to write the print title on the front of the print; but few do this.

Carry Case

You need something to carry or wrap your print(s) in to take them to and from the Club. I cannot find a suitable size for 40×50 cm prints. I purchased a very large Reeves Artist’s Case (74×55 cm). If you use a smaller mounting board, you will reduce your costs in finding a smaller carrier for your prints.

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