1 Preparation

Preparation should include a comprehensive review of the many choices available to you and the costs. My advice for beginners is to take a route that you are familiar with and to keep it simple.

Here is a checklist for your preparation.

The information you need is included in the support pages. Please review them and decide on your equipment set up and selection of materials. When you are confident to do so, proceed to the next stage; framing.

  1. Club Rules for Print entries.
  2. Sourcing materials;
    1. materials including mount board and printing paper.
    2. tools to measure and cut your mount board and your print.
    3. masking tape or spray adhesive (see article on Print Mounting)
  3. Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop (PS);
    1. If you store your images in LR but edit them in PS, please read this Transfer Image from LR to PS for editing.
    2. Ensure all your Colour Management issues are resolved.
    3. Lightroom (LR); complete your Print module preferences.
    4. Photoshop (PS); complete your software set up for image sizing.
  4. Environmental set up including;
    1. Provide a daylight white light to view your print or natural daylight so that you can inspect your colour balance against your screen.
    2. Provide a well lit workspace in which to mount your print.
  5. PC screen set up;
    1. Set your brightness control.
    2. If required, calibrate your screen.
  6. Prepare your image;
    1. Complete your image editing except for final cropping.
    2. Set keywords in your image information to include for instance the year & the competition name (as separate entries) so that you can find the file easily.
  7. Printing, either;
    1. Complete your printer set up with enough paper & ink plus a connection to your PC and so on, test your printer and ensure the print heads are ‘clean’.
    2. If you are using a third party print supplier, ensure that their delivery schedule and file prerequisites meet your own expectations.

Please go to 2 Mounts & Frames